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What are the best tools for entrepreneurs in 2019?

What are the best tools for entrepreneurs in 2019?

Howdy, Entrepreneurs, I am coming up with an interesting topic to discuss,

In this article, I am going to explain the best tools for entrepreneurs, especially for beginners.

Sooner or later you worry about Productivity, Progress, and minimum Resources at your disposal to help to do things fast. 

Keep reading to find the magical Best Free Tools that simplify your daily work to a great extent.

To simplify, I decided to break down the tools used in a startup setup, below for your reference.

In every startup, we need certain tools for promotion, graphic design, newsletters, emails, hosting, social media promotions, productive tools, project management tools, programming tools, communication & collaboration tools, research and survey tools and applications, content marketing & marketing tools, SEO tools.

In real time we need to organize the things in a certain manner so obviously we have to know which tools are available for small businesses and startups. 

Below are the best free online tools that I am using in my startup work you too can master them and improve your skillset and productivity. You might be familiar with some of these tools but still, they are simply too good to ignore in a startup.

What are the best tools for entrepreneurs in 2019?

Here you go,

Design and Multimedia

Website or CMS

Project Management and Collaboration

Social Media Management

Online Survey and Research

SEO Tools

Communication and Sales

Customer Support

Email Marketing

Design and Graphic profile

For all visual communications, brand promotions, online marketing, setting up social channels, user experience, website, and app presence for your product/service you require design skills.

As part of the startup life, I use design in all communications with users, partners, and other stakeholders. Communication is nothing but messages that are sent in the form of emails, social posts, youtube videos, infographics, flyers, etc to get user attention to build a relation towards brand helping them to make buying decisions.

Canva /Pablo/PiktoChart

Designing Online marketing creative, social media posts are made very simple and easy with these tools when you start using these tools you will simply love them. With Canva, Pablo, PiktoChart online software design tools you do not want to worry about design skills or Photoshop experience for creating social posts.

You can always use these simple user-friendly tools to create a great Monday motivational or inspirational quotes to product explainers and deals posts to brand promotional and user likable posts.

For me, Canva stands out from all the design tools available online as it has recommended templates and social post size recommendations. You can also use font styles, images and inspiration from their free stock resources.

If you still need your own images you can get it from Pixabay (Pixabay has a great database of license-free images that can also be used for commercial purposes)

Bonus: Unsplash a great resource of over 200,000 free high-resolution photos gifted by 50K professional photographers. (You can use all images for commercial and non-commercial purposes. The Best part is you do not need to ask permission or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash)

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