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How do I pick the right keyword for event blogging as a beginner?

How do I pick the right keyword for event blogging as a beginner?

This post is for entrepreneurs, business persons, bloggers, online shoppers and for everyone who wants to start a business, online store, startups, bloggers, etc. They should know how unique keywords make their own brand and separate from them to a unique brand. You can observe every successful business has a unique brand name or keyword, It is simply their successful business is talking by brand. for example Apple, Google, Samsung, IBM.

Nowadays every single word making business into profitable.
You can also check the number of blogs as popular now and their brand names. example, TechCrunch, HowTo, Mashable, etc…!

So find a unique name that must be used by you only and it separates you from others.

Here are my few points to get your blog name as popular:

  1. Find a unique keyword which is not used anywhere.
  2. It must be relevant to your blog as meaningful
  3. Keyword or name make your brand as popular when it comes to using very easily.
  4. Brand name must be easily pronounced.
  5. Unique keyword or name separates your brand from other relevant blogs or relevant content.
  6. When you are doing digital marketing and crawling your keyword with your website automatically get visible on the internet when it comes to using.
  7. When anyone heard about your brand name or keyword, they will search in google then It get to know about your blog as vert easy.
  8. If it is related specific event blog make many as possible keywords on your blog
  9. Create your social accounts with your unique name
  10. Try to connect with google analytics, google AdSense, google crawler, google accounts
  11. I can give you an example on keyword picking here, I have my keyword and purchased domain names on, when came to search in google it gives my activities on the internet which I am getting exact information and relevant to my website.
  12. I started my blog recently on technical stuff and building my blog application and trying to post as much as possible.
  13. Currently, I am getting 40 to 50 visits on my website based on the keyword. It has the “hack” keyword and it is fetching valuable towards my brand name.

Keep these points in mind to get a name which is relevant to your blog information.

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