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About us

About Us

At Hackrons Designs we will probably construct a superior web involvement for every one of our customers and their clients. We use our experience and ability from more than 5+ years of website composition and web advancement to make arrangements that fit your needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a market leading company to provide quality services with a mission to improve standards of  services and technologies.

hackrons - about us

V J D Prasad

Developer | Blogger | Graphic Designer | Trainer

Hey visitor, I'm JD Prasad, Welcome to HackronsTech Blog, I have started hackronsTech blog with passion, and now I am providing the services to 100+ clients globally and I delivered more than 20 workshops in various colleges and universities on ethical hacking and web development. Trained the students more than 1000. I created one thing for you, That is knowledge base on technology, startups, businesses, blogging and many more. you can search in our site to get know more about it.

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